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June 2016 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail



Examination period is always hectic and full of anxieties. Yet it is a precious time whereby a learner becomes aware of her capacity of understanding whatever she has been studying. So, June has been a busy time at Fatima House due to second term examinations. One of our priorities is education. Therefore, everybody at our Home supported our girls by creating an atmosphere suitable for Examinations such as prayers, availability of transport when exams were late, extra time for study and many other possibilities!
However, there were moments of break from study. The girls continued with those wonderful relaxing programmes like cooking lessons, exercises, making cards, playing games(as a group) watching both educational programs and anything helping them to relax on DSTV.

Our girls in actions, in the kitchen cooking and tasting!
Once a heavy and tough mission is accomplished, then comes holiday time. At the end of June, after examinations is always a time which is loved by all learners, ‘school holiday!’ Some of the girls take this opportunity to be with their families, while other girls spend their holidays at Fatima House. Few relaxing trips were taken. Among them all, the most enjoyed ones was a trip to the zoo. Spending some time with different animals.

Holiday time on a pony and horse ride!
Another trip which was absolutely full of fun was a fundraising function organized by the Knights of Da Gama group. It was time of ‘come together’, having chicken braai, experiencing all different kinds of entertainments such as music, helicopter, dance and meeting friends. This was one of those days full of good and enjoyable memories. Holiday time is assumed to be a time of entertainment, eating out, sleeping, going for sight scene and exploring with life challenges especially going around with big tummies. The girls feel so ashamed especially if the out lookers keep on saying “How come it is a group of pregnant girls?” Somehow they get used to it and life goes on.
It was during the month of June that our board members had their meeting at Fatima House. They were welcomed by everybody. This was a good opportunity that our board members met our girls. We appreciate all their time, donations, work experience which they offer. There were lots of surprises that almost every board member brought the house lots of goodies. We are ever grateful for your continuous support especially now that the Social Development is not helping us with anything. We still continue to experience the generosity of our fellow Catholic members by dropping something, non-perishable food and the clothes.
During the month of June two babies were born. What’s a joy and relief to the young mothers! They were both welcomed by their respective families. So far all these babies are boys only and we start to wonder and there was only one successful adoption. The girls have got options to choose either keeping the baby, baby up for adoption or the foster care. We are very happy to see lots of hair on the babies as a guarantee that our girls were eating their vegetables very well.

Sleeping peacefully!
We wish to thank all the people who are so generous with this special ministry. Sometimes one wonders how many babies would not have survived if Fatima House wasn’t there. This is a mystery on its own for we experience God’s love through your sharing with us. We feel so blest and in return we hope you feel the same. There are certain people who play a major role at Fatima House with their time and talents. These are our board members, benefactors, volunteers, staff members, family members of our girls and all people who have interest in our mission. A big thank you to your continuous support. “Gratitude is the memory of the heart”. (St M Euphrasia – the Foundress of the Good Shepherd Sisters)

Compiled by Sr. Juliet and edited by Sr. Lydicia (missing Andile, our social worker)

May 2016 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail


The house has been warm with all your love and support, not a day goes by without us feeling the warmth of your love. For this we are forever grateful. “Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” (St Mary Euphrasia, the foundress of the Good Shepherd Sisters since 1835 in France, Angers)

We also welcomed two beautiful souls into the world. We have been blessed once again with two bouncing babies. All our babies were received with love and warmth into their respective families. Fatima House strives in re-uniting and re-building families and rebuilding trust within the family. Both girls have returned to school and continue to chase their dreams. We continue to be astonished by the baby boys thus far!

As a house norm, we celebrated one of the girl’s birthdays. Every birth is precious and everyone is worth celebrating. She was in awe of the gesture as she was taken by surprise. Here are some snippets of how the day went:

Mind you! The girls designed their own cards. They learn how to make them during Creativity sessions.
What an uplifting moment! In spite of all the challenges of the journey to motherhood, almost all our girls did very well in their first term examination. “Let no difficulty conquer you” (St M Euphrasia).
During the course of the month, the school honored those who passed very well. They were given ‘certificates of achievement’. We also congratulated them and encouraged them to work harder in the coming examination. It was during this moment that the girls also shared with one another what helped each to perform well. Most of them mentioned that commitment to their study was their key to their good performance. This includes, a lot of sacrifice and discipline. We wish them ‘Good Luck’ for the June exam.

Once again, we would like to say a big thank you to all our readers and those who are interested to our ministry. To all those who contribute in anyway, in the improvement and empowerment of our girls, we are indeed grateful. Let us together continue to build the future of our girls. Our experience of the providence God has become vivid in a way, we realize that this ministry is still relevant today. Through the generosity of our benefactors and all who promote culture of life, we seem to have a good number of people coming with some goodies at our door. For this, we are truly grateful. All what has been collected is for our girls, their babies and even for the later stage of growth. May Jesus, the Good Shepherd continue to bless you in your generosity!

Compiled by: Andile and Sr. Juliet
Edited by: Sr. Lydicia

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