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Apirl 2016 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail


April, like all the other months has been good to us. We laughed, we cried, we played, but most importantly we grew our knowledge base. The girls have settled in well after their holidays and are coping well with their school work despite the growing demands of their pregnancies.
All the house programs are still continuing. The girls are still covering all the programs designed especially for them here at the house. Our Developmental program keeps growing, and we are thankful to the friends and volunteers of the Good Shepherd Fatima House for their priceless support and contribution to the lives of these girls and that of the future generation. “Let gratitude be the main spring of all your actions” (St M. Euphrasia).
Under the developmental program, the girls have been taught how to take care of their babies, classes are rendered for practical training on nursing/ nurturing a baby. Furthermore, they also learn about the A-Z of pregnancy. Now the girls have been blessed with yet another exciting program. This month, the girls met their birth couch. This is a new program and the girls are excited about it. Knowing that their doula, will be with them all the way to delivery. They have already warmed up to her and rapport has been established. The doula is professionally trained in child birth and will provide emotional, physical and educational support to the girls. Her purpose is to help the girls have a safe, memorable and empowering birthing experience.
Three of our girls gave birth to healthy gorgeous baby-boys. Fatima House prides itself in its excellence in service. Our diet is very nutritious diet and provides all the needed nutrients for the girls during their pregnancy phase which is in line with the babies needs for healthy development.

Baking is exciting and has a way of relaxing the mind and is a part of the shelter’s skills development programs. Getting dirty yet making something beautiful has an exhilarating thrill. During baking, the girls learn more than just mixing ingredients. They learn about the importance of each ingredient. How one ingredient cannot make a cake or a scone or anything but they need to complement each other. Similarly differences amongst themselves must be embraced as they all have different roles to play in each other’s lives during their stay here. The girls also learn about the importance of the family unit or structure, each person having a different role, hence the differences amongst siblings yet all of that is good for balanced structure.

All our girls are ready to take up their roles as mothers as well as take on the world as aspiring young citizens with big dreams for the future. They are goal driven more than ever and well equipped and informed to take on any of the world’s challenges.

Outdoor activities

The girls had a fun filled day at Hartbeespoort. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful and breath-taking scenery at Hartbeespoort. The animals at the zoo made the girls appreciate nature and they just loved the flea market. With so many things to see and adore, the day couldn’t have gotten any better, it was a day well spent zoo, dam, and flea markets.
Thank you once again to all those that have supported this mission. Your tangible and non-tangible contributions have gone a long way. You have played your part in the girls’ lives and we appreciate all your efforts.
Fatima House has played and is still playing its part in making this world a better place, but dear reader, are you?

“Dear God, what are we doing in this world and why are we here, if not to contribute to the well-being of our neighbour” St M. Euphrasia)

Compiled by… Andile Moyo
Edited by… Sister Lydicia Letlaka



March 2016 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail



Alas the rain has finally decided to fall. As we jump into the next season we celebrate nature and are grateful for the long awaited rains.
The girls are slowly transforming into ladies, the baby bumps are growing bigger and the girls look cute with them. Every week the girls’ body shapes change from the growth of their babies, thus causing a constant demand of a change of clothes. We would love to thank all parents, guardians and friends of Fatima House for their continued support as the girls are always adequately and decently dressed despite the changing shapes and sizes. It is important to note that it is not only their bellies that grow but their knowledge span is also enlarged and their view of the world around them more objective. As they await the birth of their babies, they are focused on their school work, and are laying the foundation of a better tomorrow for themselves and their babies.

The girls and the Sisters of the Good Shepherd Fatima House

The first school term has come to an end and the new term is upon us. The girls are excited to have gone to and come back from holiday. Most of the girls had gone home to spend the holidays with their families while some of the girls stayed in the house with the remaining. We appreciate the family and all the donors and well-wishers who have shown support to the girls. Nothing beats knowing they are not alone in this journey, though a stranger at first glance, you journey with them and care enough to reach out.
As you already know that here at the house, “…one person is worth more than the whole world…” (St. Mary Euphrasia), we celebrate everyone’s birthday. The girls are made to feel home away from home as this house is the family they have while away from home. Here is a snippet of how we celebrated one of the girl’s birthday. We hope all March babies out there enjoyed their birthdays.

The birthday girl was in awe of the gesture as she did not expect a celebration of her birthday. She was humbled and extremely grateful to the Sisters for their kindness and for taking time out of their busy schedules to celebrate her birthday.

“…we must be everything to everyone
Do well all that you do
Love the girls, love them very much…”
St Mary Euphrasia, foundress of the Good Shepherd Sisters.

Fatima House is no longer subsidised by the Department of Social Development and therefore we are appealing to people of good will, former/past girls (beneficiaries) and well-wishers to help us financially as the demands are still there. Apparently we are back to square one whereby we continue to oppose abortion and try to give the little angels life so as to prevent the babies to be dumped into the dust bins and the girls are given an opportunity to continue and further their studies while we appeal for funding. I am sure in my mind that this project will continue for we have always experienced the mercy and love of Jesus, the Good Shepherd in your generosity and care for Fatima House.
The end of March marks the end of our 2015 financial year. The new financial year comes with new challenges as well as better and bigger plans for the future. After thorough research, the Sisters of The Good Shepherd Fatima House founded this particular work as they saw a need to save lives. The pro-life mission has helped a lot of young scared girls and has also blessed those who could not bear children of their own in the same light. With the growing rate of teenage pregnancy, the need for places such as this one has sky rocketed. Make a change, partner with us or any organisation doing good for the community. Remember a little goes a long way so we appeal to well-wishers and those in favour of the work we are doing to continue supporting us. We are truly grateful for all your support through all ages.

Compiled by: Andile Moyo (Social Worker)
Edited by: Sister Lydicia Letlaka

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