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January 2016 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail

January NEWSLETTER 2016


2016, a fresh start to a new year. Having recuperated and refreshed, the Good Shepherd Fatima House is still as flawless as ever in its service delivery. A lot was learned from the girls from the previous year 2015, and this has helped us to embrace the changing needs of teenagers thus assisting us in rendering tailor-made services just for them.
There’s a common Zulu adage that says “ukufunda akupheli…” translated in English it means, learning is a lifetime process. At Fatima house we learn something new every time we admit a girl into the shelter. We believe that no human being is exactly the same (“one person is of more value than the whole world”, words of St. Mary Euphrasia, foundress of the Good Shepherd Sisters. It is because of this that we find it easy to embrace every individual with her unique qualities. All lessons learnt help us in building on to our knowledge base and the practice itself.
The most important aspect in dealing with pregnant teenagers is a non-judgemental attitude. It is equally important to us to respect their decisions. We are a shoulder to lean on when the need arises, we are a friend in deed when in need, and we are here for the girls, from all walks of life. ‘… Love the girls, love them very much…’ St. Mary Euphrasia, foundress of the Good Shepherd
The school year has also resumed, and thanks to the Pretoria Hospital School for pregnant, all our girls were successfully enrolled. Through dedication and devotion to studies, we hope all our girls will work extra hard and excel in their studies so as to build a better future for themselves.
Programs have also resumed and the girls continue to expand their knowledge base.

The house also welcomed Sister Sobia from Pakistan. She was well received with warmth and love by the beneficiaries, staff and the sisters of the Good Shepherd. She is a much crafted young sister who has imparted her love for handwork on the girls and has also taught and mentored them in the craft. We have also welcomed new admissions of beautiful teenagers into the house.
Ladies from the Catholic Women’s league warmed the house with their love and support for the girls. They showered the girls with gifts, just when people thought January was not a time for giving since they’ll still be recovering from the previous year’s spending these women just defied the odds and proved that there is no perfect or right time to give, anytime is the right time. Not only did they give material gifts to the girls, they built the girls strength and confidence, their motivational speeches and testimonies will forever remain imprinted in the girls, as their words superseded their tangible gifts.

Ladies from the catholic Women’s League


We bade farewell to one of our girls after she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. Our house continues to grow as we welcomed yet another soul into the world. Here is a snippet of our January baby;


We would love to express our gratitude to the friends and donors of the Good Shepherd Fatima House, your support keeps us going. We urge you once again to do good, put a smile on someone’s face anytime this year. Remember ‘…gratitude is the memory of the heart ...’ St Mary Euphrasia. Your kind gesture no matter how big or small will forever stay imprinted on the heart of the recipient and will forever bring a smile and sense of peace in you the giver.


Compiled by Andile Moyo
Edited by


December 2015 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail

December NEWSLETTER 2015


It has indeed been great year for all of us here at Fatima House. The girls enjoyed their holidays and look forward to the new school term. Although it has been a hot month, our girls have managed to cope with the heat and it has not affected any of them. We thank the good Lord for good health.

Programs have been running as usual and our doors open to the public. In the Christmas spirit our girls managed to make beautiful Christmas cards for each other bearing in mind that it isn’t the cost but the thought that counts. Some of our girls had gone for the holidays but the ones who stayed behind really had a good time. They were home away from home

A snippet of how Christmas was spent here at the house. The girls had so much fun and took many selfies. None of them was on a low spirit wishing they were home, they loved every minute of their holiday.

As a house norm, we party big and share with our friends. We would love to thank these ladies for taking some time out of their personal plans and coming out to celebrate with the girls. These gestures forever remain tattooed in the girl’s hearts, these are memories they will treasure forever, knowing you were there for them at a time when friends were on a deficit.

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart”… St Mary Euphrasia
There is never a dull moment here with the love showed to girls by the sisters of the Good Shepherd. The girls are taken out on educational and inspirational outings. These tend to complement in-house programs as the girls get to have a clearer and deeper understanding of theoretical programs offered in the house.
As upcoming mums the girls are taught what motherhood entails and are given an opportunity to engage with little children as a way of learning about the role they must play as parents.

In commemorating Christmas, the girls celebrated with these children and watched them act out the Christmas play and perform a lot of presentations. The girls were greatly honoured to spend this particular graduation day at one of our schools in Madidi as children performed and danced songs like Sarafina!!!
As we begin a new year we hope one of your resolutions is to help the needy. Remember change begins with one person and that one person is you, yes you. What are you waiting for?

We wish you a fruitful and blissful, new year!!!

Compiled by Andile (social Worker) and Sr. Juliet
Edited by Sr. Lydicia “Thank you ever so much for being so generous for Fatima House”.

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