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October 2015 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail

October NEWSLETTER 2015


We admitted one girl from Soweto this month and discharged two, one with a baby girl that was born on the 30th September. She had normal birth and she is able to travel from school to write final exams. The other girl was a bit disturbed and needed a special care. We had tried to meet her half way but she seemed to be in need of high care. The others are non-scholars and are kept busy learning skills and some academic stuff preparing to go back to school next year.
”Rejoice every day: Live joyfully!”…St Mary Euphrasia… As the sun continues to warm the house so does the love you share with us and the beneficiaries of the Good Shepherd Fatima House.
The girls still continue with their everyday programs and engage with the sisters and midwife on the road to delivery while the social worker provides therapeutic services to add a balance to the road to delivery and thereafter. Pregnancy can take its toll on a woman, and because we understand this, we ensure a flawless holistic service delivery which is appreciated by our beneficiaries even after exiting the shelter. Our lessons remain a part of them forever these are tattooed on the girls’ hearts to last forever.

The thought of bringing a young being to the world seems a bit overwhelming to the girls initially. (Why? When? Who? How? What? )These are common questions we deal with here at the house from our teenagers, but thanks to all our volunteers and professional staff all these are addressed adequately prior to the birth of a child. Once the girls leave our care they are well equipped to face the world and deal with challenges, they are also goal driven and strive to achieve their set goals.
The aim of the Good Shepherd Fatima house is not only to assist the girls with their pregnancy needs, but to help them build their characters and attitudes as well as to mould and direct them towards a brighter future.
We have seen an enormous shift in the girls’ view of the world and themselves. As they enter the shelter, the world seems to be a bit cloudy and they don’t really understand where they stand in it, this confusion causes a rise in tempers and sometimes a wave of sadness as well as a negative attitude towards future aspirations, after a while this confusion clears and the girls perfectly fit in to the system willingly as they begin to understand themselves and focus on rebuilding their lives.

Fatima House prioritises its beneficiaries’ school work and as such we ensure that they have all the equipment they need to assist them in this regard. Thanks to the Sisters, Staff and the friends of Fatima House for assisting us in this regard. Please keep our girls in your prayers as they write the matric and also those who will be writing in November. They have worked so hard and they deserve to pass with distinctions!!!
As you are well aware that here at Fatima House the birth of everyone is worth celebrating. We had our hip hip hoorays this month as we celebrated the Sister in Charge’s birthday. Fatima house values team work and this was a great reflection of our team spirit.

The house also welcomed our two sisters from Madagascar on their way to Hungary. Memories have been made with them and we have learnt a lot from each other. Nous vous remercions de votre soutien (we thank you for your support).

“…we must be everything to everyone
Do well all that you do
Love the girls, love them very much”

St Mary Euphrasia – foundress of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd Sisters

September 2015 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail

September NEWSLETTER 2015

September has come and gone leaving us with the summer heat. The month has been a good one here at the house. Our swimming pool is finally being used, goodbye to the cold months, the girls enjoy a swim after every hot day. The girls once did us very proud with their school work for the third term. Two girls went for matric farewell! They were gorgeous!

The house has welcomed three new adorable and intelligent girls into the Fatima House family. These girls have settled in well and have been well received by both staff and residents of the Fatima House. All programs are still effectively and efficiently running. There are two non-scholars at house and they are kept busy with basic skills and computers.
Heritage day was celebrated through an educational program where the clients were sharing their unique cultures with one another. The program was very much informative and the girls learnt a lot from each other as well as from the facilitator.
The spirit of Ubuntu was emphasised in all the presentations signifying how important it is in all cultures.
The Fatima house girls were also taken on a trip during this heritage month to the Hartebeespoort. The girls learnt a lot there and really enjoyed themselves thanks to the Good Shepherd Sisters.
Fatima house had a day out with the children from Madidi. It was a beautiful day and was well spent. The clients enjoyed seeing the energy that the little children from Madidi had and this was the highlight of their day as they got to engage and play with them.

The girls enjoying themselves with one of the sisters at the Hartebeespoort zoo, and the children from Madidi made this joint outing one that the clients don’t intend on forgetting anytime.

Annual General Meeting
The Good Shepherd Fatima House also held its Annual General Meeting on the 27th of September. The event was a success. Successes and challenges of the previous year were discussed, the future of Fatima House still looks bright.

Thank youto all the friends of the Good Shepherd Fatima House for helping us once again in assisting these girls. We wouldn’t have made it without your support.

Three of our girls gave birth to beautiful babies. Here is a snippet of some of our Babies

These girls were all successfully reunified with their families. We would love to congratulate them for the courage they showed and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours. We hope that the good Lord will continue to bless and guide them through out their life's journeys. Two baby girls were normal birth while the boy was a C-section.

Adorable, healthy and loved, Fatima house' wish for every child- "one person is more value than the whole world" St. Mary Euphrasia, foundress of the Good Shepherd Sisters in France.


To our readers, we would love to urge you to make this world a better place, there is a lot that can be done to help not only the girls at Fatima House, but the world at large. Visit a centre of your choice, spend the day with some children or victims of crime, and show love. Let us join hands and make this world a beautiful place.

We are playing a part, are you?

Compiled by: Andile Moyo (Social Worker)

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