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January 2017 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail

January NEWSLETTER 2017



Welcome once again to Fatima House Newsletter! Last year is gone and here we are in 2017. We opened the office on the 9th of January 2017. We are very glad because most of the girls managed to pass their exams. We were left with one girl who also manged to go to the aunt for Christmas. The girl came back to finish her college and now she is very far in her pregnancy. All our girls got their gifts as most of the babies came in November and they got their babies’ gifts as well. A baby girl was born in December while in November, they were all boys. It was a year of boys! Their gifts were bought by a couple that had difficulty in making their own baby and after they had adopted they then also made their cute little son and this is the miracle that they wanted to embrace.

We are aware that within Pretoria, other homes had to close due to lack of funds and we find ourselves with a high volume of pregnant teenagers who have lots of questions and still in need of care and education to eradicate poverty. As a Good Shepherd Sisters, this is where we play our role to offer the dignity and reconciliation to both the girl and the entire family. We also depend a lot on donations and volunteers as the job itself is demanding. The girls are seeking tender love and care. The girls are all enrolled except one and they look beautiful in their uniform.

A story of 17 year old from Congo. This girl has had a terrible experience whereby her own parents were killed in front of her. From DRC, she followed a mob of fleeing refugees and they ended up in Tanzania. From there to Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe and to South Africa seeking for shelter and a better life. This poor girl tried to cling to those who spoke her language as she could only speak Swahili. She finally found herself having to eat out of the dustbins as she could not converse while others went around to seek for employment. She was then raped and became pregnant. She ended up here at Fatima House, no legal documents apart that we had to place her through the court order. She came with absolutely nothing and by now she is learning English as at this stage as to prepare her for school perhaps by next term. We are hoping to put her on Islam seeker while she is still here as some of those people are gone to big cities for survival. She has got a long way to go. The child is need of shelter, food, and has lost her parents, very sad indeed. She has gone through a lot in her life and definitely she is a child in need.

We also have some changes regarding our email address, please use this one This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and the contact person is Sr. Anne. Wishing you all a fulfilled 2017 and thank for your support I will be out of Fatima House after many years.
Compiled by Sr. Lydicia



November 2016 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail

November NEWSLETTER 2016


The end of the year is always exciting period with a lot of work and evaluation of what happened during the year, preparation for the new year and holiday time, which we all look forward to. Our girls finished their exams and most of them have started their holiday time at their respective homes. We wish all of them a peaceful and joyful holidays. We are now ready for interviews of the girls who will be with us next year - 2017.
At the beginning of the month, one of our girls celebrated her birthday. She received many wishes from her friends and from our home.

Having a break from books (studying) some of our girls went for an outing, just to be get some fresh air and admire nature. Haartbeesport is a peaceful place with a lot of places to visit. There is a beautiful dam and mountains covered with variety of vegetation. They also went to the Zoo, where they enjoyed so much.

Once again, we had a pleasure of being visited by a family and their friend who spoiled us with precious Christmas gifts for the babies of our girls. It was their first visit and they just enjoyed the atmosphere of our house. Three members of Catholic Women’s League from our parish, St John the Baptist, also brought some gifts for the house. “Our hearts overflow with joy and thankfulness. How good God is to us!”
St M. Euphrasia – Foundress of the sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd. Indeed our Shepherd Lord shows his goodness to us through the people who always show their love and support our mission.
Three of our girls gave birth to beautiful, healthy and adorable babies. Their families welcomed the babies and were so grateful for what Fatima House has done to their daughters during their stay at our home.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Board members who generously gave their time, expertise and donations during the course of the year. A deep appreciation also to all our benefactors and volunteers. We are indeed grateful for your contribution. We thank everybody who contributed in anyway during the course of the year. We will never forget our readers. Your interest is highly appreciated. Fatima House wish you all Peace, Joy and Love during the festive season. Merry Christmas and May Jesus the Good Shepherd bless you in the coming New Year. Again to remind you that our email is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Compiled by: Sr. Juliet
Edited by: Sr. Lydicia

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