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August 2016 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail

August NEWSLETTER 2016

It has been a great pleasure during this month of August which in our country is dedicated for women. We thank our Creator for the gift of women! From time to time, we had casual discussions with our girls, about what the month of August meant to them. They just loved the topic. The following are some phrases they used to express themselves: “Women are strong, courageous, caring…. Women nurture life… women can go through a lot of challenges and tough time, yet they will always put on smile on their faces.” The girls feel that women are worthy to be celebrated for who they are.
During the month of August three young ladies were admitted and welcomed by everybody at Fatima House. They have adjusted very well and are enjoying our programmes. The house is almost full. We are back to our normal programmes.

Computer lessons

Preparing for group discussion

Once again we were privileged to be visited by two ladies from Good Shepherd Catholic Church Hartbeesport. They brought us some woollen items and toys. We are very grateful for their support and kindness. “Be kind and merciful. Let no one ever come to you without coming away better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness.” Mother Teresa. We are being challenged to be merciful to one another as to contribute to the just world.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all who support us or contribute in any way to the wellbeing of our home. We are ever grateful and appreciate all that you do to extend this ministry to cater for others. “Our hearts overflow with joy and thankfulness….” St Mary Euphrasia – Foundress of the Good Shepherd Sisters.
On tracing, we continue to experience a high volume of interested parties and your stories are kept safe so that you could still have your privacy to the idea of adoption. Please feel free to send us emails and calls as we also want to treat you with care and protection.
As we say goodbye to the month of women, here are some few words full of wisdom from some courageous and caring women.
“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire”- St Catherine of Siena (Foundress of the Dominican Sisters)
“We do not need guns and bombs to bring peace, we need love and compassion.” - Mother Teresa (Foundress of the Missionaries of Charity)
“How happy we are, who are co-workers with Christ in his mission of love and friendship for each person” – St. Mary Euphrasia (Foundress of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd Sisters)

Compiled by: Sr. Juliet
Edited by: Sr. Lydicia

July 2016 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail


In spite of the cold winter, life goes on! The girls who went home for holidays, were welcomed. They came back refreshed and ready to study harder. They are fully aware that the year is coming to an end. Those who have been with us from the beginning of the year, have come to the realization that, the challenges they have experienced during their pregnancy shouldn’t disturb their studies. So they have learned to be patient with themselves and those around them. This involves readiness to accept one’s mistakes and being ready to start anew. June and July our home experienced the ‘goodbyes and welcome to new faces’. Most of our girls left after they gave birth and new girls were welcomed.
“Mandela’s Month!!!” In our country, we have the new practice of honouring the late President Nelson Mandela during the month of July. So, we were among those who were remembered and blessed by receiving beautiful gifts during the month of July. “You have a heart created to love and to be grateful.”(St Mary Euphrasia) We were privileged to be visited by the Youth group from MPC Pretoria. They brought us a variety of toiletries, jerseys and clothes. We are indeed grateful for the gifts. Mandela has always made our residents know that people do care. On this very legacy of Mandela some even wished that their babies could be born in remembrance of this beautiful occasion.

MPC Youth Donations on Mandela Day!
During the course of the month, two beautiful babies were born. What a joy to the mothers who can now carry them in their arms and look at them. Their families were grateful for the support and care received by their daughters during their stay at Fatima House. They were thankful that young mothers and their babies were healthy and did not experience any complications during and after labour. Finally the baby girl came! All the babies so far have been baby-boys!

“We are not afraid of winter!” Said, the July babies!
We also had a joy of being visited by one of the old girls. It shows how much they are connected to this “new family” (Fatima House). They feel they can come and share their experience of life, and expressed their gratitude once more, for the time they stayed at Fatima House.
The emails of the past girls were received whereby the ‘mothers’ (past girls) are trying to trace their babies who were adopted. We managed to assist some as this is a long process. We appeal to those trying to trace to know that it takes both parties to agree and finally be able to meet as to overcome what has happened in the past. We do have the records and we try to keep both parties informed where possible.
Once again, a sincere thank you to our girls who choose life for the unborn babies, our benefactors, board members and all those people of good will who contributed something during the course of the month. We are grateful to you our reader! “Our hearts overflow with joy and thankfulness…” St M Euphrasia (Foundress of the Good Shepherd Sisters)

Compiled by: Sr Juliet
Edited by: Sr Lydicia

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